COVID-19 National Logistics Forum Resources Database


As the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT) is in the process of establishing a COVID-19 National Logistics Forum Resources Database, it is asking related companies to register any extra capacity available as it may be of use to other companies.

“On 16th April 2020, the inaugural meeting of the COVID-19 National Logistics Forum was held. This Forum is comprised of representatives of both Government Departments and transport/logistics industry. At the first meeting, it was clear that in some parts of our industry there is spare capacity, whilst in others, there is a need for this capacity to keep the supply lines open,” stated Mick Curran, CEO, CILT.

“What is required is a database open to all that will advertise what capacity is available. We are asking members of our industry to post on the database any and all spare capacity that they have. This information will be available to all and will result in spare capacity being utilised and our supply lines kept open. The crisis that we now find ourselves in as a result of COVID-19 is one that can only be solved by working together. We have already seen an unprecedented response from the Government, we are also seeing a response from our own industry,” he added.

Please contact the COVID-19 National Logistics Forum, by email:

If you have any spare capacity at all, please click here and fill out the form.  It will only be by working together that we will get through this.

*All data collected in relation to the COVID-19 National Logistics Forum database is processed solely for the purposes of assisting in keeping lines of supply open in Ireland. All data collected will be deleted once the COVIC-19 crisis is over.  It will be inputted into this form, available to view. By inputting to this database, you are giving permission for this information as supplied to be published.