Covid 19 Update: Border controls surrounding BULGARIA

Border controls Bulgaria

Since 18.03.2020 – it is temporarily forbidden for trucks coming from Iran to enter and transit through Bulgaria. On the country’s borders, the following information is from the Ministry of Interior:

Turkey – On the border entry point “Kapitan Andreevo” there is still a big queue because of the intense sanitary measures applied on the Turkish side.

A few days ago the queue was 50 km. On 26 March, the Union of Bulgarian International Hauliers organised an undertaking of support for the drivers waiting at the border, delivering them food, water, safety masks and disinfectants.

In the last 24 hours, more than 3,000 heavy trucks have entered Bulgaria of which 1,200 were heading to Kapitan Andreevo.

After the measures taken, the number of processed heavy trucks heading to Turkey has increased almost threefold, resulting in 1700 being processed at Kapitan Andreevo for 24 hours.

The former military airport of Uzundzhovo (near the Bulgaria-Turkey border) has been transformed into a buffer parking space for heavy trucks heading to Turkey.

The parking space has been fitted with lighting, and chemical toilets and temporary food stalls have been set up.

The Republic of Turkey has introduced restrictions for truck drivers coming from countries significantly impacted by the pandemic. However, Bulgarian trucks can still enter at this time.

Romania – On the Danube Bridge at Ruse, there is very busy truck traffic although trucks can now go through in 6 lanes instead of the usual 3.

On the Danube bridge at Vidin the traffic is normal. Transit trucks to Romania can pass only trough Ruse-Guergevo or Vidin Kalafat.

The heavy truck traffic at border points with Greece, Serbia and North Macedonia is normal. According to the Macedonian border police, empty trucks will not be allowed between the hours of 7am and 10pm (in both directions).

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