Covid 19 Update: Driver fatigue an issue in the UK

target fatigue

UK Truck Drivers need urgent support to target fatigue when making COVID Emergency deliveries or risk steep increase In road accidents.

 SmartWitness has advised that if truck drivers are allowed to have what amounts to 20% more driving time then they should at least be supplied with special fatigue monitors which will alert them if they are starting to suffer from tiredness.

Road transport firms are advised to install additional safety devices to help their drivers know when they are getting tired and they are losing concentration.

Driver Distraction Detection Systems provide audible alerts to drivers who are suffering from fatigue and also sends alerts to their fleet managers to warn of potential risks of accidents.

They check to see if the driver’s eyes are open and paying attention to the road. If the driver takes his eyes off the road for more than 20-seconds an audible alarm sounds to warn him or her of a potential safety risk.

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