Covid 19 Update: Fuel station strike ends in ITALY

fuel filling station strike

The nationwide fuel filling station strike has been cancelled, due to the pressure by the Italian Government.

In Italy, most of the fuel station are family owned, small companies, but with the largest petrol companies’ brand logos.

Many of them are suffering from the traffic slowdown. Reserves are running out  and these operators will be not able to buy fuels.

And the companies seem unwilling to give them credit. So, no strike at the moment, since there has been a meeting between unions and Government.

The major stations along the highways will stay open, since they are bigger and benefiting from some kind of help by the motorway authorities.

The others may have some problems, but in these days the traffic is down and there is far less request of fuels.

The association of logistic companies and forwarding agencies (FEDESPEDI) has asked the Government to allow the forwarding and logistic companies to operate in a proper way to avoid any disruption in the logistic chain.

Basically, logistic companies asked the Government to clarify the perimeter of the lockdown decree not to stop or disrupt warehouse and logistic hub activities.

The Italian Ministry of Transportation has decided that trucks over 7.5 tonnes are not subject to circulation restrictions on Sunday March 29 and Sunday April 5, 2020.

These days for Italian residents are incredible. For business and media, hours are spent in video call to manage everything.

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