Covid 19 Update: New tighter laws in POLAND

Poland has implemented new laws

The Polish Parliament has implemented new tighter laws, until 1 April, aimed to protect economy and jobs.

For instance, Government will support small companies (up to 9 employees) with up to 40 percent salary grant aid for any lay-offs .

Surely many transport firms in Poland are small family businesses) and maybe covered by the new law.

On the borders, truck flow (also includes small 3.5 tonnes vans with goods) performs normally.

Truck drivers are the only one group excluded from general quarantine rules. Generally all people entering Polish territory is sent for 14 days stay in one localisation.

Police checks every day, if they stay. And 90 percent stay!

There are problems on Ukrainian  and Belarus borders (external EU borders) where waiting time is estimated between 6-16 hours.

Closing border movements for people for 14 days caused a big rush of people trying to escape to their homes, not to be stuck in exile.

As Poland has a large ADR transportation segment, the Ministry of Transport has asked drivers not to come to medical centres and hospitals when their certificates expired. Documents are prolonged automatically for next 3 months.

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