Covid-19 Update: Problems prevail in Poland


The Polish Ministry of Transportation, before last weekend declared the same or similar relaxation of the drivers’ hour regulation for truck drivers as in most European Member States. However, there are some exemptions of the WE601 Directive, which will expired on May 31st, which means that national and international truck drivers may; drive up to 11 hours a day, 60 per week or 96 in 2 weeks. And can have their rest time in the cab, provided they record all these special conditions through tachograph.

But the true tension in road transport is increasing, in that the big logistics providers and freight forwarders are reducing their rates offered to sub-contract road hauliers.

The Polish Government has announced a four-step relaxation of some limitations relating to social distancing. The first step, starting from today (Monday, 20.04.20), is allowing more people to be able to enter some shops at one time. At the same time, the Ministry of Health declared most of limitations will expire only after discovery of efficient anti-Coronavirus vaccine.