Covid 19 Update: SPAIN

Covid 19 Spain

There are new regulations on driving and rest times. Periods of more than 9 and 19 hours may be conducted, respecting the breaks stipulated by European law.

In the case of Spain, periods of more than 9 and 10 hours per day may be driven, without specifying the number of periods, provided the breaks are respected every 4.5 hours of driving, established in 45 minutes. This pause can be replaced by two, one of 15 minutes, followed by another of 30 minutes, interspersed in the driving period.

The mandatory daily rest period of 11 hours is maintained, compared to other countries that have reduced it to 9 hours.

The EU supports carriers in their demand not to load and unload cargo, and authorizes them to denounce shippers in case of non-compliance.