Defeating COVID-19 is about Procedures not Luck – FTAI


As the country opens up and people return to work, it is very important for transport and logistics companies to follow the regulatory procedures laid out, likewise employees need to follow these guidelines, according to the FTAI. Updates on CVRT testing is also shared.

Aidan Flynn, General Manager, Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) reports: “Phase II of the return to normal has kicked-in since 8 June 2020. As we hope that there will not be a second wave, everyone must take personal responsibility to ensure that this does not materialise. A balanced approach to adhering to the scientific advice with the necessity of having a functioning economy is critical to sustaining our recovery. We in the freight distribution and logistics sector must demonstrate leadership and commitment to managing this situation and doing our level best to mitigate the risk of this virus taking hold again.”


The FTAI recommend the following basic steps to assist businesses in their journey towards implementing control measure to ensure a safe working environment:

“The steps are familiar but need highlighting as the level of change required for business is significant. It is pertinent even for those companies that have been open partially or wholly during this period that changes to work practices are considered and implemented. As with Brexit preparation all stakeholders within the supply chain need to take account of the Government and Health & Safety Authority guidance. These will be assessed by inspectors who are assigned with auditing COVID-19 safe workplace compliance. Training of employees and designation and training of COVID-19 worker representatives is essential. Sharing information and guidance with visitors and contractors will further cement the adherence to the new requirements making it a normal practice in due course.”

“If organisations take a lack-lustre approach to this and don’t give it the attention and respect it deserves it is questionable whether the barriers to managing COVID-19 will be strong enough to keep business open if a second wave were to materialise. If we decide not to take the necessary precautions it will be by luck rather than design that the Coronavirus does not take hold again. As an industry, we need to demonstrate that we understand the issues, and that we are in control of the narrative about opening up to get back to normal trading conditions as soon as possible. We need to challenge the policy makers and the medical experts to facilitate the unlocking of the economy at a speed that is responsible and based on the balanced approach. We need to demonstrate that we can manage the situation and that they can trust us,” concluded Aidan.

FTA Ireland has a suite of COVID-19 training programmes for Drivers, Administration staff and Worker Representatives for more information please visit –

RSA to increase CVRT activity from mid-June 

Welcome news this week from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) that Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test Centres will expand the criteria for HGV/LCV testing from the 15 June 2020. Operators that have a due date of the 15 July will now be able to get vehicles tested from the 15 June.  The FTAI has highlighted the necessity for this to happen sooner rather than later to ensure the sustainability of CVRT test centres. These businesses have been open without any authority to test vehicles with an expiry date beyond the 28 March since the 18 May. The reason for the delay in allowing the centres to open fully was linked with IT issues, which according to the Road Safety Authority will be resolved by the 15 June.