Dennis Eagle arrives with new Elite + cab


The safest Refuse Collection Vehicle on the road has just been made even better with the introduction of the new Elite+ cab by Dennis Eagle.

“We’ve improved the safety for drivers, crews and vulnerable road users, as well as improving the vehicle’s operational efficiency. But above all, the Elite+ has been ergonomically refined to give the driver more control than ever before. It’s a major development of design and comfort and marks the Elite+ as the next generation of RCV for an ever demanding waste industry,” explained a company spokesperson at the launch.

Enhanced, refined and ergonomically redesigned, the Elite+ cab is based on its highly acclaimed predecessor, the Elite 6. Independent tests found the Elite 6 cab provided drivers with the best direct vision of any truck on the roads and streetscapes.

“But we’ve made it even better. The changes have been led by customer feedback and our determination to continuously improve. As a result, the Elite+ is more comfortable, better equipped, easier to operate … and we’ve even improved direct vision. The Elite+ is an outstanding workstation for drivers and crews and an even safer vehicle for the communities in which it operates.

Drivers will appreciate the ergonomic design of the Elite+. The controls not only have clean lines but also a very user-friendly touch and feel, thanks to the use of new materials with improved finishes. A similar approach applied to the organisation of the switch bank has led to a more natural and intuitive arrangement of the controls.

The enhanced adjustability of both the seat and the steering column enables drivers to position them to their precise, personal needs. And to make sure everything is in exactly the right position, the screen is mounted on a ball and socket joint. This not only allows drivers to angle it as they see fit but also makes room for a second screen if needed.

Our designers have also turned their attention to the needs of the crew. The Elite+ has up to three separate seats to help provide them with their own space. The recessed outer seat makes getting in and out of the vehicle even easier. There’s all-new ambient lighting throughout which provides a practical and well-lit in-cab experience.

“Modern working practices have also been considered and incorporated into the Elite+,” he continued. “The cab now has plenty of USB ports for mobile devices. There’s room for more storage in the header locker and net. These are both easier to reach as there is more space above the driver’s head and we’ve fitted larger locker doors. And after listening to our customers, we’ve provided more cup holders.”

“Our state-of-the-art 5 Camera DVR Recording system is designed to provide unrivalled protection for the crew, the public and the operator by seeing and recording everything that happens around the vehicle. As with all our optional Safety Solutions systems, it is factory-fitted by Dennis Eagle and optimised for use with an Elite+ RCV.”