Dennison Trailers feature at Multimodal 2022 at NEC


Following last year’s success, Dennison Trailers returned to Multimodal on 14th-16th June  bringing along its innovative and award winning Dennison Sliding Bogie Multi-Function Trailer.

This trailer combines all the advantages of its leading multi-function trailer – including air operated locking pins, front swap body legs, multiple twist lock positions, and rear stabilising legs – but with the added benefit of a rear sliding bogie.

Designed to provide the ultimate flexibility, our Sliding Bogie Multi-Function Trailer can be split into two independent trailers. The driver can disconnect the rear section at one drop and move onto the next, saving time and money. Built to carry two 20’ containers, this trailer can alternatively transport a single heavy 20’, 30’, 40’ or 45’ container.

This remarkable trailer is unique due to the sliding bogie at the rear, which allows a heavy laden 20’ container to be carried. When the bogie is stretched, the rear section conforms to a legal wheelbase for 44 tonnes GVW.

Following the outstanding success of our sliding tipper trailer in Ireland, Dennison continued to develop a range of sliding bogie trailers for the construction industry, including the Dennison sliding mixer and sliding brick and block carriers.

“At our modern factories, we manufacture a broad range of market-leading trailers. Our distinguished track-record of innovative trailer design and manufacture is born out of our ongoing research and development programme in the UK, Ireland, and Europe,” explained James Dennison, Managing Director Dennison Trailers UK

“With over 50 years and 60,000 trailers behind us, each and every Dennison trailer is built with a passion for engineering excellence, continuous product development, and the highest standards of customer service. While dominating the skeletal trailer market, we are also experiencing rapid growth in sales of curtainsiders, platform trailers, trombone trailers, and our range of machinery carriers. As a leading manufacturer, we aim to always present superbly engineered products that are safety and quality compliant.”