DKV BOX EUROPE available now


Good news for Irish hauliers transiting Europe – the DKV BOX EUROPE, which is designed to invoice all relevant tolls in Europe, is now available. The on-board unit can settle truck tolls in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Herren Tunnel in Lübeck, Liefkenshoek Tunnel in Belgium and Warnow Tunnel in Rostock. Other tolls are due to be added shortly.

“Our aim is to offer customers the best EETS solution on the market,” explained Jérôme Lejeune, Managing Director Toll at DKV Euro Service. To this end, every part of the process chain was intensively tested in advance: from the functioning of the DKV BOX EUROPE  itself, through its installation and behaviour in operation, right up to correct data transfer and billing.”

Markus Präßl, Managing Director Sales at DKV Euro Service, added: “With the DKV BOX EUROPE, we guarantee our customers absolute security of supply and an outstanding quality of service.”

DKV Euro Service has been one of the leading mobility service providers for the logistics and transport industry for over 85 years. It offers a comprehensive range of services for the optimization and control of commercial vehicle fleets throughout Europe, from cashless on-the-road supply to over 80,000 cross-brand acceptance points to toll invoicing and VAT refunds. More than 3.7 million DKV CARDs and on-board units are currently in use with around 200,000 customers.