DKV Euro Service delivers on the double!


*DocStop and DKV deliver care packages to truck drivers

*Employees raise €20k for COVID-19 victims and health workers

At the height of the Coronavirus crisis, DKV Euro Service reacted positively in two ways by distributing care packages to truck drivers and the company organized a fund raising virtual concert which raised €20,000 to help combat the COVID-19.

Due to the restrictions on public life, truck drivers continue to supply people everywhere with necessary goods. In everyday life, however, drivers often lack the essentials such as hygiene equipment to protect themselves from any infection. To support them, DocStop and DKV distributed care packages with breathing masks, hygiene instructions and lunch boxes at several rest stops in Münsterland. “It is crucial to us to support the drivers, who continue to do their job without stopping and provide us with essential goods for our everyday lives. We have been doing this for many years as sponsoring partner of DocStop and it is even more necessary during the Corona crisis”, said Marco van Kalleveen, CEO of DKV. Recently, DKV already carried out a similar campaign at Polish road restaurants. More campaigns in other European countries are in operation.

Last month, DKV Euro Service organized a virtual concert, Next Unplugged, for their employees. The purpose of this concert was to thank its employees for their commitment, support and great work, but more importantly to raise money in the combat against COVID-19. In total, €20,000 was raised and donated to SOSLambrate in Italy, a non-profit association in the frontline of combatting the Corona crisis.

During the live digital concert, DKV Euro Service made a contribution for every participant, which was then doubled by the Fisher family. The complete sum was donated to SOSLambrate, a non-profit, voluntary association in Milan. All its members work there on a voluntary basis and thereby make an extremely important contribution to the well-being of the community in addition to their normal work.

The association is active in the City of Milan’s medical service and also supports the community in numerous educational and charitable activities. The Association’s tasks include emergency and ambulance services, telephone assistance, medical watch, charity events and first aid courses. SOSLambrate is currently intensively involved in the Corona crisis and has extended its area of operation to Bergamo.

The digital concert included the ‘’Soulmates’’ with singer Jeanette Ekua Assiamah, known from her leading roles in various musicals in Germany, and the pianist and guitarist Justin Nicksteit. Founded in 2009, the Soulmates have performed at major events and festivals in Europe together with other music groups.