Don Bur’s Sapphire Curtains & Cargo Control Invests in Automated Curtain Strapping Machine


Sapphire Curtains & Cargo Control, a key subsidiary of Don-Bur, announces the launch of its innovative automated curtain strapping machine, marking a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service.

Conceived in February 2023, the £700,000 investment has culminated in the creation of a bespoke machine that sets new standards in the industry. Unlike any other, this Italian-made marvel boasts the largest curtain bed in the world, measuring an impressive 4.2 meters. This substantial size is perfectly suited for seamlessly securing max-height curtains.

Powered by nine precision hot air guns operating at temperatures of up to 650 degrees Celsius, the machine achieves flawless welds that are virtually imperceptible. Its sophisticated design enables the welding of webbing straps and wear bands to curtain PVC material with unmatched efficiency and quality. Furthermore, the machine is capable of producing standard, double deck, Teardrop, anti-vandal and even power-weave EN 12641-2 rated curtains; essential for meeting the demanding EN 12642-XL load containment standard for either trailers or rigid bodywork.

One of the machine’s unusual features is its seamless reel transition system, facilitated by a series of twin 300-meter webbing reels that allow uninterrupted operation during reel changes. This automation eliminates the need for manual intervention and ensures a smooth, continuous workflow.

In addition to its impressive capabilities, the machine boasts a production capacity of up to 32 pairs of curtains per day, ensuring prompt fulfillment of customer orders. To accommodate this state-of-the-art equipment, extensive modifications were made to the facility, including raising the ceiling and installing new ducting for heat dissipation.

“With this groundbreaking investment, Sapphire Curtains & Cargo Control reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in the commercial vehicle industry,” said Mark Wayman, Manager at Sapphire Curtains & Cargo Control. “Our new automated curtain strapping machine not only enhances productivity and efficiency but also underscores our dedication to delivering superior products that meet the most stringent standards of quality and performance.”

“We are thrilled to introduce this game-changing technology to the market,” said Dave Burton, Managing Director of Don-Bur Group. “Our investment in this cutting-edge machine not only positions us at the forefront of innovation but also reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with superior products and services.”

The new automated curtain strapping machine represents a significant advancement in Sapphire Curtains & Cargo Control’s manufacturing capabilities, enhancing its position as the market leader.