Download the free FORS Professional Anti-Idling & Congestion-Cutting toolkit and driver guide


FORS has produced a free-to-download FORS Professional Anti-Idling and Congestion-Cutting toolkit for members.

The toolkit includes a separate driver guide, posters and a toolbox talk, offering practical advice to help FORS operators reduce engine idling and minimise congestion.

The manager toolkit, which is aimed at HGV, van and PCV operators, provides advice on procuring different types of technology and developing campaigns, as well as introducing an anti-idling and congestion-cutting policy and briefings for drivers.

The driver guide addresses some common misconceptions through a series of myth busters, and offers useful top tips on vehicle fitness, routing and planning, reducing idling, and fuel saving.

Idling engines can create more emissions than engines running at 30mph, so new technology and good driver behaviour are key to reducing levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter. The new toolkit from FORS will help raise awareness among drivers to help tackle this issue.

With environmental awareness one of the core values of the FORS Standard, the new FORS Professional Anti-Idling and Congestion-Cutting toolkit will also help operators meet the fuel, emissions and air quality requirements. It also provides guidance for Fuel and Emissions Champions on how to write an anti-idling and congestion-cutting policy.

John Hix, FORS Director, said, “We are always looking to give FORS members the guidance and support they need to get the most from their fleet. With many operators looking at ways of reducing their fleet’s emissions and saving on fuel costs, the FORS Professional Anti-Idling and Congestion-Cutting toolkit will prove a valuable resource”.