€18 million Licensed Haulage Emergency Support Scheme opened

Minister Eamon Ryan and Minister of State Hildegarde Naughton have announced that the Licensed Haulage Emergency Support Scheme is now open for applications.
Commenting on the Scheme, Minister Ryan said: ‘The haulage sector is of national strategic importance as a critical enabler of a functioning supply chain, bringing essential supplies into and around the State, supporting key infrastructure and enabling the maintenance of economic and social activity. 
The past 2 years have been challenging for the sector with Brexit, COVID-19 and now the crisis in Ukraine. The Licensed Haulage Emergency Support Scheme reflects the Government’s understanding of those challenges and its recognition of the important role that the haulage industry plays in keeping the economy and society going.’
Minister Naughton with responsibility for road haulage and logistics added ‘Government continues to work to support our supply chain sector; as an island off the continent of Europe, limiting Ireland’s exposure and vulnerability to external shocks remains a key priority. Our recent experience through Brexit and Covid-19 has shown just how resilient our haulage sector has been as it continued to work through challenging conditions to ensure the delivery of goods to our shops, pharmacies and homes without fail. Our haulage sector is of key strategic importance to the country, and while the external pressures on the cost of fuel in Ireland are not within the control of Government, this targeted Emergency Support Scheme will support our response in  cushioning the impact of these price increases for haulage businesses.’
*The Licensed Haulage Emergency Support Scheme is a targeted and temporary grant scheme that will provide a payment of €100 per week for 8 weeks for every heavy goods vehicle (over 3.5 tonnes) as listed on a road haulage operator’s licence as of 11 March 2022.
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