East European cross border transport affected by War in Ukraine

Pic: Alex Glus: Poland ITOY

“This war will have an impact for everybody in Europe” 

Reports from fellow ITOY members in Eastern Europe…..


All Poland-Ukraina borders are now blocked by civilian people trying to enter Poland. 90 percent are ladies with children who are picked up by husbands or friends in cars or buses. The truth is that thousand of trucks must wait until the border will be open for transport movement.


Romanians are very concerned at the war in Ukraine. We have a broad border both with Ukraine and Russia. We share and dispute a lot from the Black See with Ukraine. Part of a big territory incorporated in Ukraine years ago was cut from Romania, therefore there are lots of Romanian people living in Ukraine.

Thousands of them enter continuously in Romania since yesterday morning. Some have relatives here, lots of others trigger Western Europe where they have husbands working, cousins and so on.

Some ships have stopped in Constanta harbour with the containers for Odessa, some planes are landing in Romania, it is a lot of events happening, lots of umanitarian activities these days.

We have transport companies with trucks caught somewhere on the route – a transport company shared with us a film with a queue of trucks between 2 bombed areas. There can be seen holes in the cab and curtain. Apparently the Russian killed the border police and  fired around and some of the transit trucks were damaged, tires were broken.

Military, we have to prepare somehow for war, too. We have 2 American military bases here and Russia menaced Romania several times because of NATO military basis here. The problem is our army is very poor equipped. Some EU countries state they helped Romania – with 3 planes, few people… you an imagine that this is a joke against the military force of Russia.

We see how they can take the control of a full country in one day!

And Moldova – which is also half Romanian territory, half Russian, of course. Russia kept a part of territory in all former USRR countries just to have the reason to come in the support of the Russian population everywhere and conquer country after country again – we expect to be the next target. We expect the same thing happened in Ukraine to repeat in Republic of Moldavia quite soon.

And then we have no more neighbours but only Russia. We will be the war territory between Russia and NATO.

Some info from Bulgaria: the situation on the borders is normal so far; the expectations for the refugees to Bulgaria are not so high – 5000 – 7000 people; most probably there will be difficulties with gas deliveries and this will influence the business a lot and of course, the prices of everything; Bulgaria has no border with Ukraine but there are concerns about the situation in Black Sea where we do have border. The transport and logistics companies are still not ready to give some information about the consequences of the war. It was announced that there are expectations for 40% more air traffic above Bulgaria and to Sofia and the official authorities said they are prepared for this.