Edbro wet kit fitment manages the pressure of tipper hydraulics


JOST brand Edbro makes a comprehensive range of high-quality hydraulic components for on-vehicle wet kits. These are backed up with first-class technical support, a configuration app and a Type Approved fitting service.

Tipper trucks and tankers can only make money for their owners when they are on the road. If the vehicle is in a workshop, being serviced or repaired, it is costing money rather than making it. So, anything that can reduce service and repair time will improve the owner’s bottom line. Edbro has always understood this and developed a wet kit fitment service to ensure that vehicles spend as little time as possible in the service bay.

Edbro has released a comprehensive hydraulic kit catalogue for body builders, vehicle operators and service centres. The catalogue provides customers with extensive details of all major hydraulic components, allowing them to select components which best meet their needs; safe in the knowledge that they will deliver OE levels of quality and performance. The new catalogue is an A-Z for hydraulic component and kit buyers, containing everything from major items, such as tanks, to the smallest hydraulic fittings.

Danny Broomfield, JOST UK Sales Director, explains the value of the wet kit fitment service: “We want our clients’ vehicles out on the road and working hard, so we do everything we can to make sure they are roadworthy and ready to go. We have made identifying the parts required as straightforward as possible and our service centre team are on permanent standby to offer technical advice and support. To complement the latest catalogue, we’ve also been developing a ‘wet kit configurator’ app, which will soon be available to all customers.”