Electra launches first compact 12.5-tonne electric zero-emission waste fleet platform

Electra Commercial Vehicles, the zero-emissions OEM based in Lancashire, has launched its all-new, 12.5-tonne eCargo, electric waste vehicle platform. 

These electric vehicles are the first in the industry in their weight class and have been designed with a short wheelbase (3330 mm), making this a good and interesting prospect for operators facing decarbonisation challenges. This configuration is especially well-suited for food waste collections.

The 12.5-tonne eCargo, based on the Iveco Eurocargo cab and chassis, has been designed with the operator in mind, and Electra revolutionised the layout and configuration to combat downtime and maintenance for operators. Electra’s vehicles already have a reduced maintenance requirement, combined with a system that enables significant parts to be repaired or replaced in under 15 minutes.

Electra’s approach means it can build a platform suited to any operation and application due to the scalable modular configuration. Electra is not tied to just one chassis or body manufacturer, so the customer can create a truck to bespoke requirements.

The 12.5-tonne eCargo features a class-leading payload with a body and allowance of 7900 kg. With 140 kWh of battery capacity and thermally managed batteries, this truck can operate in -30- and +50- degree climates and has a range of up to 250 km. It also has a   150 KW DC fast charge capability, meaning this eHGV can be double-shifted or exceed its range by over 100 miles in under an hour.

Electra’s vehicles come with an eight-year battery warranty and have V2L capability meaning the trucks can charge other vehicles or supply 3-phase power for events.

Electra had initially built a trial 12.5-tonne eCargo that has been on demonstration for over a year throughout the country with a kerbside recycling body fitted. This proved a great success with the operators due to the platform’s capabilities and effortless driveability.

Ben Smith, MD, of Electra Commercial Vehicles, commented at the launch: ‘The eCargo is the perfect solution to meet the requirements of the Government’s new food waste collections regulations nationwide, producing zero-emissions and with a lead-time of under a year. We offer strategic solutions for every waste application. We are the first to build electric waste collection vehicles in the 12.5-tonne weight range and size.

The Electra eCargo is offered to the UK through an exclusive agreement with Guest Motors Limited, through its network of Guest Truck & Van and Sherwood Truck & Van dealerships and service centres.