Electric Opel Vivaro-e: Ideal for Last Mile Zero-Emission Deliveries

Opel Vivaro-e
  • Range from 230 to 330 kilometres (WLTP)
  • Powerful 136 hp (100 kW) electric motor with 260 Nm of torque
  • Easy to use: various loading options and payment via ‘Free2Move Service’ app
  • View charge status and determine charge planning via ‘myOpel’ app
  • Unique in segment of compact EV commercial vehicles: Trailer towing possible

The new Vivaro-e is Opel’s first fully electric commercial vehicle. The model comes into the marketplace at an ideal time, as in many urban areas emission-free delivery of goods and services is an absolute must. The Vivaro-e is ideally suited for so-called ‘Last Mile delivery’. Opel supplies the Vivaro-e in three lengths and various bodywork variants. Thanks to its well thought-out construction, the battery-electric Vivaro-e is no less practical than a regular Vivaro van with a diesel engine. Both versions roll off the same production line from the same factory at the Vauxhall/Opel plant in Luton, England. The order books for the Opel Vivaro-e open in June and delivery will start around the end of the Summer. The starting price will be announced shortly.

“As the first electric-powered, light commercial vehicle with a range of up to 330 kilometers according to the WLTP test cycle, the new Opel Vivaro-e sets the standard in terms of ease of use, reliability and professionalism,” stated Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller on its official launch.

The new Vivaro-e is just as versatile as any other Vivaro. At 1,275 kg, its payload is just as good as that of comparable light commercial vehicles with a diesel engine (1,405 kg). Uniquely, the Opel Vivaro-e is the only electric utility vehicle in its segment that can tow a trailer. The maximum braked towing weight is 1,000 kg.

Opel supplies the Vivaro-e with a choice of two lithium-ion battery packs. The basic version has a capacity of 50 kWh and a range of 230 kilometres (WLTP*). The version with a 75 kWh battery offers a range of up to 330 kilometres (WLTP*).

Via a 100 kW DC charging station, the 50 kWh battery is up to 80% charged in just 30 minutes. The 75 kWh battery takes 45 minutes. The user can choose the standard 7.4 kW charger (1-phase) or the optional 11 kW charger (3-phase) depending on the distances covered daily and the time available to charge the battery.

In both cases, the integrated charger guarantees a long battery life, which is guaranteed for eight years or 160,000 kilometres anyway. The supply of charging cables and wall boxes depends on the energy infrastructure of the country in which the Vivaro-e is sold. Opel supports the customer in this from A to Z.

To further increase the ease of use of the Vivaro-e, Opel offers special solutions for electric vehicles, such as ‘OpelConnect’, the ‘myOpel’ app and ‘Free2Move Services’ from Groupe PSA’s mobility brand Free2Move. The services are accessible via handy apps.

The ‘Charge My Car’ function of the Free2Move Services app provides access to more than 140,000 charging stations across Europe, including convenient payments. To make it even easier for customers to find a suitable charging point, Free2Move pre-selects charging stations based on the distance to the charging point, the charging speed and the current charge price of the available public charging points.

With Opel Connect’s e-remote control features, customers can use their smartphone to check battery charge status, schedule a charging session or even cool or pre-heat the interior while the Vivaro-e is still on the charger. Finally, the OpelConnect portfolio provides access to eCall, breakdown calls and many other services, such as retrieving up-to-date vehicle information. LIVE Navigation provides real-time traffic information (36 months free of charge after activation).

Opel has developed the new Vivaro-e for a wide range of customers and therefore supplies various bodywork variants, such as a crew cab, platform cab or passenger version, with payloads of up to 1,275 g and a Gross Vehicle Weight of 2,800 to 3,100 kg. Load volume extends up to 6.6m3. The most compact version (S) with a length of 4.60 metres is exceptionally manoeuvrable and has a remarkably short turning circle at 11.3 metres. This makes the Vivaro-e very manoeuvrable in tight spaces. Thanks to its height of 1.90 metres, the Vivaro-e can also park in most car parks.

Overview of the Opel Vivaro-e length variants:

S: 4.60 metres long, load capacity 4.6 m3 to 5.1 m3

M: 4.95 metres long, load capacity 5.8 m3

L: 5.30 metres long, load capacity 6.6 m3

The standard load capacity is 4.6 m3 and can be increased to 5.1 m3 thanks to the FlexCargo under-seat loading facility. This allows objects of up to 3.32 metres in length to be carried. The length variants of 4.95 and 5.30 metres have a loading capacity of 5.8 and 6.6 m3 respectively. Thanks to FlexCargo, objects – such as ladders – of up to 3.67 or 4.02 metres in length can be transported. The interior – equipped with, among other things, an electric parking brake – has numerous storage compartments and turns into a mobile office in no time at all.

Wide rear doors and sliding doors on both sides provide generous access to the Vivaro-e’s cargo space. The sliding doors can be opened electrically with a foot movement towards the sensors; particularly useful when the user’s hands are full.

Like the version with a conventional internal combustion engine, the electric Vivaro-e is equipped with an above-average number of driver assistance systems that improve driving comfort and safety. In addition to a head-up display, the Vivaro-e also offers Lane Keep Assist, Extended Traffic Sign Recognition, Drowsiness Alert, semi-adaptive cruise control and a collision prevention system with Automatic Emergency Braking.

The Opel Vivaro-e has smart sensors that warn the driver of approaching obstacles at the front and rear and in the blind spot when parking. Depending on the equipment level, the image from the 180-degree rear view camera is displayed on the 7-inch touch screen of the Infotainment system. The infotainment systems Multimedia Radio and Multimedia Navi Pro offer a 7.0-inch touchscreen and smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (once launched by Google in the Netherlands). Multimedia Navi Pro also offers navigation with Europakaart in 3D view.

The electrically powered Opel Vivaro-e is the next step in Opel’s extensive electric model offensive, but also the next pillar in the Vivaro’s success story, which was introduced in 2001. Next year, Opel continues to expand its range of light commercial vehicles with the all-electric Opel Combo-e. From 2024, Opel will offer an electrified version of every passenger car and commercial vehicle.

By Arjan Velthoven & Jarlath Sweeney – IVOTY