Eleven new Dennison Trailers for Surefreight Ltd


Dennison Trailers is to deliver on a significant order of eleven new machinery trailers with long standing client, Surefreight Ltd (Newry)

“We are delighted to come to an agreement with leading logistics firm, Surefreight which has built a reputation as one of the most trusted haulage, storage and distribution providers and the eleven carriers are to be used to fulfill their obligations as part of a project with partner Avery Weigh Tronix (AWT). The machinery trailers will be crucial in the role of calibrating weigh bridges throughout the UK and Ireland,” explained James Dennison, M.D. Dennison Trailers UK who concluded the deal.

 The new trailers were a bespoke order to replace the existing trailers on the contract as Avery Weigh Tronix has a very high service level and to be able to continue and improve on this, Surefreight has decided to purchase all new trailers from Dennison’s, built by the company at its Naas factory.

“These trailers will cover all AWT customers across the UK and Ireland, calibrating their weigh bridges with an accompanying AWT engineer directing the driver throughout the calibration process,” added David Dennison, Innovation & Design Director at Dennison Trailers Naas, where the trailers were manufactured.

The trailers carry 20/22 tonnes of calibrated weights used for platform and axle weigh bridge calibration plus a forklift truck on the rear which is used to lift the weights off the trailer and onto the weighbridge to carry out the calibration operation.

“Having dealt with us for many years, Surefreight share the family values we hold and they have worked closely with us to build a bespoke trailer which ticks all the boxes! It is plated for 48,000 kg and Surefreight has ordered the trailers with 3 x BPW 12 tonne axles on drum brakes and will be complete with rear steer and lift axle. This is very important in restricted sites especially when calibrating a shorter than normal weighbridge,” added James.

Should the rear trailer axle not fit on the bridge, this allows the driver to lift the rear most trailer axle to get the complete weight on the weighbridge and completing the calibration.

The trailers are also fitted with a large galvanised steel tool box which is used for carrying the smaller hand weights and variety of tools and spares, plus they have two spare wheels and a safety rail fitted around the front and both sides, should any personnel be on the trailer bed. It also features additional lashing points on the chimes to allow the weights and forklift truck to be safely restrained whilst in transit out on the public road.

Commenting Vincent Wadell, Managing Director of Surefreight said on the recent deal; “We found Dennison Trailers to come in at a competitive price with a good specification with additional features such as rear lift axle, that some other manufacturers couldn’t provide but is very much required for this very niche market that we service to a very exact standard.”