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This category is open to operators that transport goods within Ireland and are registered in the Irish Republic. Entrants must operate some of their own vehicles in the fleet used and will be judged on particular projects completed with measurable outcomes.
Open to Irish registered hauliers that transport goods internationally. Companies must operate their own vehicles. Entrants should include contracts undertaken. If there are depots or alliance partners formed overseas, please mention this, and detail measures taken in terms of driver and load security when abroad.
Entrants must operate their own fleet of vehicles to distribute their own goods. Companies can demonstrate the cost effectiveness of not outsourcing their transport and some of the advantages of running own vehicles. Describe the Transport Manager’s role and the type of storage used.
Operators of own vehicle(s) as an owner-driver are eligible to enter this category. Ideally an entrant in this category should spend a significant amount of time driving, more importantly they should demonstrate how as a driver they can contribute to the success of the business and the advantages it brings, along with the challenges it presents.
This category is open to operators whose main operation is focused within a specific region of Ireland, running a dedicated fleet of vehicles for local distribution. Members of pallet networks are well positioned to enter this category.
This year, Fleet Transport introduces a new category - Livestock Haulier of the Year Award - honouring operators in this specialised transport sector. Applications have the opportunity to highlight and express their expertise in the carriage of livestock in and around Ireland or beyond into Europe. They need to outline the history and evolution of the firm, the type and specification of their truck (and trailer) fleet, repair and maintenance record etc. In addition, procedures relating to health and safety and the welfare and care of the client’s livestock when in transit, must be outlined. For those that operate internationally, are they sourcing backloads that are compatible with their trailers, in order to add to their turnover and maximise load efficiency.
This award sets out to recognise companies which operate a number of light commercial vehicles and consistently demonstrate best practice in their operation. It is often more challenging to operate small vehicles than large ones, so outline how your company faces these challenges.
Livery, while it can be described as mobile advertising, it is something that is very personal to a transport company or owner driver. What has inspired your logo design and colour scheme and how it has been adapted over time in practical ways will be taken into account. Has the identity been incorporated into other aspects of the business, ie., staff uniforms, letter heads, signatures etc?
Safety experts often advise that good safety practice is not expensive compared to the consequences of an accident. How good is the safety practice within the organisation? How often is the Safety Plan updated? What training courses have been conducted?
Innovative ideas can often make the difference between a company succeeding or failing. The concept does not have to be your own invention, but you should demonstrate that you have implemented an innovative idea to improve efficiency, safety and well-being in the organisation.
Road transport operations now have an increased focus on the need for environmental awareness. There are many ways to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint and possibly improve efficiency. Details of a project undertaken, possibly in conjunction with a supplier or a customer can be added.
Overseeing the efficient and safe operation of a fleet of trucks and their drivers are what the judges are looking for here. This person must demonstrate the highest levels of ability, CPD (Continuous Professional Development), methods of reducing costs as well as knowledge of IT systems. An entrant should outline how they work within the overall management of the company in terms of involvement in a management team, particularly the challenges it presents.
This category is designed to recognize women working in all areas of the transport and haulage industry. If you have achieved success in your area of expertise in the road transport industry, the judges will welcome an entry from you, whatever your position. This category aims to recognize women who are positive role models in the industry to encourage more women to see the haulage industry as a worthwhile career. The judges will look for CPD (Continued Professional Development) innovation, enthusiasm and dedication in what is often perceived as an unattractive industry by and for women.
Warehousing and storage is a business that many transport companies expand into. It is a way to win extra business and often a way to improve the efficiency of your own vehicles. Entrants should focus on projects that show how the synergies between a transport company and its own warehousing operation have improved their overall efficiency.
The ‘Customer Service Excellence’ award recognises specific accomplishments in customer service, whether they are achievements by an individual, a team, or a department. The judges will look for evidence of the effort and impact of excellent customer service on the customer and business. Training and demonstrable commitment of the company to customer service will be an added bonus in this category. Customer testimonies will also be of benefit.
Entrants in this category must have completed an apprenticeship and have a minimum of one years experience. Entrants should be fully competent in the servicing/repair of commercial goods/passenger vehicles to the highest manufacturer standards. As well as technical competence in the mechanics of a vehicle, entrants must have a thorough knowledge of the electrical and electronic components of a vehicle and be comfortable with using the latest diagnostic equipment to identify and rectify faults.
This new award was created to acknowledge the growing number of express or home delivery specialists, whether in the door to door and or business sectors. Those who can demonstrate high standards of operational customer service and going the extra mile when needed. Applicants must are provide examples of compliance including safe and best practice in vehicle maintenance and driver competence and behaviour. Demonstrate how the business is reducing its carbon footprint though fuel efficiency and general energy savings around the warehouse or depot. Also provide an indication how the business routine makes it easy for customers receiving deliveries remembering those receiving deliveries may not, always be at home, have limited computer skills, and may be nervous about strangers coming to their front door. Please state whether the operation is fully run by the company and/or as with sub contractor. Sun contractors can also apply.
Each year Fleet Transport recognises an individual who has brought distinction and credibility to the industry. Over the years a variety of people have been selected for this award. Ideally the candidate will be someone who has worked for a part of their career in a voluntary capacity, furthering the perception of the industry in the public eye. We are happy to take suggestions for candidates for this category.
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