eTruck Charging: DKV Mobility partners with Milence


DKV Mobility, the leading European B2B platform for on-the-
road payments and solutions, is expanding its charging network for eTrucks to
include high-performance EV charge points with up to 400 kW charging power. The
truck charging network is provided by Milence, a Dutch charging point operator
based in Amsterdam that specializes in truck-compatible charging solutions.
Milence and DKV Mobility subsidiary GreenFlux, which manages DKV Mobility’s entire range
of charging services for electric vehicles, recently signed a cooperation agreement to
this effect. The first truck-compatible charging station was connected in Venlo.
Milence plans to put additional charging points into operation in other European
countries in the first half of 2024. By 2027, Milence is determined to build and
operate 1,700 high-capacity public EV charge points across Europe, including
megawatt charging systems. The newly added EV charge points are accessible via
the DKV Card +Charge.
“On our way to more climate-friendly mobility, charging solutions for the transport
sector are a crucial lever and an indispensable part of the energy mix of the future.
We are delighted to be setting the course for establishing truck-compatible supply
solutions for e-mobility through our partnership with Milence”, says Sven Mehringer,
Managing Director Energy & Vehicle Services at DKV Mobility.

Roel Vissers, Chief Commercial Officer at Milence, adds: “DKV Mobility is an
important player in the industry with a very strong customer base across Europe. We
are happy to give their customers access to our charging points and provide a
seamless charging experience for truck drivers across Europe in the future as we
continue to expand our network. At our locations you can find some of the highest
power outputs available today of up to 400 kW CCS chargers*. And we plan a swift
transition to Megawatt Charging System (MCS) technology as soon as it becomes
available, paving the way for charging speeds of up to and above 1,000 kW. This
means that long-haul trucks with battery packages of 600 kWh and driving ranges of
about 500 kilometers will be fully charged in just 30-45 minutes thanks to MCS

With around 564,000 public and semi-public EV charge points all over Europe, DKV
Mobility is provides access to one of the largest European EV charge point networks.