Europe needs to deliver logistics without borders


Businesses moving goods and services in Ireland and across Europe need the right trading environment at European Union (EU) level to allow them to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably, according to the Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI). This policy framework would also help to bring the talents and new skills the industry needs in a fast moving technological environment.

Speaking at the launch of FTAI’s transport manifesto, in Brussels, the organisation’s general manager Aidan Flynn called on the newly elected Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the representatives of EU Member States to address the sector’s key priorities for the next five years:“From the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure to creative initiatives to address the skills shortage we are facing, or a better enforcement of operational road haulage rules, there is a myriad of opportunities as well as challenges on which our industry stands ready to share its expertise and ideas. For our efforts to be most effective though, we need the right policy framework at EU level. The beginning of this new term is the perfect time for policymakers to spur this new dynamic and I’m glad so many of them came together today to show their commitment to delivering safe, efficient and sustainable logistics.”

As the UK is Ireland’s third biggest market and first import partner, with intricately intertwined supply chains and very dense transport flows, Brexit was also among the most discussed topics at the FTAI welcome event.

“The European Union is one of the world’s great trading blocs,” he added, “but after the uncertainties caused by Brexit, it is vital that all the member states work together to ensure that our supply chains are as robust as possible.”

“After Brexit, it is clear that the trading environment in which we work is set to change dramatically, but FTAI is clear that its members are keen and willing to build on existing trading relationships. Protection of Ireland’s land bridge to the EU mainland is critical, as is the need to invest, innovate and inspire the next generation of employees, so that our sector can continue to deliver the very best service to all its customers, both at home and overseas. Ireland’s logistics industry is poised to take advantage of a new, bold trading environment, and we look forward to forging new partnerships, as well as expanding on existing relationships, to ensure that Ireland’s logistics industry can continue to deliver for its customers both at home and abroad.”

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