Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight offers New printing service at the Centre Douane SIVEP

Since 1st January, border formalities have required an increased amount of paper documents.

In order to help our customers providing the correct documents at the border, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight  have joined forces with the printing company SEDECO to launch an innovative printing service “MPS2me”.

Ideally located in the Centre Douane SIVEP (CDS) on the French terminal, this new service allows you to upload documents securely so that your drivers can print their missing documents on site.
How does it work?

The printing service is available at the Centre Douane SIVEP where border inspections are carried out.

► Simply log on to SEDECO and create your account.

►  Buy your print credits as required. For added flexibility,  these can be purchased in bulk and can be redeemed within one year. You can also share your print credits with several users in your offices. The more you buy, the more you save per page! 

► Upload the documents to be printed. You will get a secure pin code which will be required for printing on site. For extra convenience, the documents sent are stored for 72 hours before being deleted automatically.

►  At the CDS, your driver will simply need to enter the relevant pin code to retrieve the documents.

An easy, fast and reliable solution for printing your missing documents!

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As a Eurotunnel Freight customer, you will benefit from discounted price if you buy bulk credits after opening your account.

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