Extra Sailings and new Green Routes through the UK


As the road transport industry continues to battle its way through the COVID-19 crisis, Brexit looms. Extra ferry services to mainland Europe and the announcement of Green routes in the UK for transit may offer some assistance. 

New Brittany Ferries sailing from Rosslare to Roscoff announced 

Brittany Ferries has started its new sailing from Rosslare to Roscoff in France every Monday evening. The ferry company has been sailing twice a week from Rosslare Europort to Bilbao in Spain since arriving to the South-east port in February, but has now added a third weekly sailing to Roscoff.

The additional sailing and destination will complement the existing services out of Rosslare, where there are three round trips to Cherbourg, and two round trips to Bilbao per week, to further boost freight and travel to mainland Europe. Rosslare Europort now has a direct sailing from Ireland to main land Europe six days a weekend and also offers and four daily round trips to the UK.

For further information on the Roscoff and Bilbao service log-on to: www.brittany-ferries.ie


Brittany Ferries from Rosslare:

Monday: Rosslare to Roscoff – depart 23:30 – 15 hrs sailing time

Wednesday: Rosslare to Bilbao – depart 11:00 am – 28 hrs sailing time

Friday: Rosslare to Bilbao – depart 23:30 –  28 hrs sailing time

Brittany Ferries return to Rosslare:

Tuesday: Roscoff to Rosslare – depart 19:00 – 15 hrs sailing time

Thursday: Bilbao to Rosslare – depart 18:45 – 28 hrs sailing time

Sunday: Bilbao to Rosslare – depart 12:00 – 28 hrs sailing time