Fiat Professional Talento now with Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)


One year since the presentation of the Year 2020 Model, the evolution of the Fiat Professional Talento continues, as the commercial vehicle representing the ideal combination of agility and performance. To follow the debut of the new 2-liter EcoJet engine, today sees the launch of another major new feature, ensuring comfort never seen before and unparalleled driving pleasure: automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). The new six-speed transmission epitomizes its fluidity and comfort, especially when driving in the city, and maintains the model’s low consumption. It runs in fully automatic or sequential modes, for maximum driving flexibility; paired with the Talento’s handling, this makes the Fiat Professional van the ideal means of transport, for example for home delivery of online purchases, the perfect partner for ‘last mile’ logistics. In the current very stressful circumstances, with hundreds of deliveries per day in cities, where the driver has to deal with heavy traffic and make frequent stops and starts, the Talento DCT comes into its own, by reducing driver stress, improving comfort and optimizing consumption in real-world usage.

Power, torque and reduced consumption

The Talento DCT’s new transmission optimally handles the torque and power of the latest 2.0 EcoJet engines, available in versions with both 145 hp/350 Nm of torque and 170 hp/380 Nm with E6d-Temp homologation, or can be paired with the 120-hp 2.0 EcoJet with 320 Nm of torque. In all its variants, the propulsion unit is equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger, to ensure a smoother drive and a more flexible engine even at low speeds, resulting in fuel savings in the real-world use cycle.

Talento: the ideal response to every need

The Talento remains a benchmark in its segment for payload capacity, compactness and agility, with its capabilities further enhanced by the new DCT transmission. Talento is available in all body types – low- or high-roof van, six-seater N1 people carrier, double cab and flatbed – and offers two lengths, two heights and two different wheelbases. With its combination of all these elements, the model is the answer to many transportation needs – from 5.2 to 8.6 m3, gross vehicle weight of 2.80 to over 3 tons, and a payload of up to 1.3 tons. The introduction of the DCT gearbox adds 40 new versions to the current line-up, from freight transport and an N1 people carrier to a motorhome base: a vehicle truly able to meet every need.

Automotive comfort and advanced infotainment

The Talento interiors ensure maximum comfort and excellent ergonomics, courtesy of well-profiled seats and sturdy fabrics, providing comfortable seating for all passengers. The optimal position of the steering wheel and controls also make everyday driving more relaxing and safer. The practicality and functionality of the cab is improved by the numerous storage compartments: 90 liters of capacity always at hand and smart solutions such as the ‘mobile office’, consisting of underseat storage, an innovative foldable central seat and a mount for your tablet or smartphone. Not to mention the 7” Touch-Radio Nav with integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ compatibility; navigation system with 2D and Birdview 2.5D display; playing of music files via USB and AUX ports; and handsfree Bluetooth® system with steering wheel controls. All this confirms Talento’s vocation for functional comfort, designed to improve the quality of professionals’ work.