FIRST DRIVE – All-new, fully electric eDELIVER 9 from MAXUS


Upon arrival into the marketplace, the all-new eDELIVER 9 electric light commercial vehicle from SAIC MAXUS, has a hard act to follow. The replacement for the LDV EV80 proved its worth during its lifetime, coming out with smelling roses in test trails against the top European opposition and winning awards along the way.

From what we experienced in the exclusive first drive, the eDELIVER 9 offers a major step up in stature, quality, equipment, comfort levels and safety.

As a standard 3.5 tonne GVW model, the eDELIVER 9 joins the recently launched diesel-powered DELIVER 9 range of panel vans, crew-cab, minibus and chassis/cab versions, all distributed by the Harris Group in seven right-hand-drive markets across Europe. It’s the second all-electric commercial from the Chinese manufacturer SAIC as the  eDELIVER 3, was launched last summer.

MAXUS eDELIVER 9 comes with a choice of two electric power options (70/150kW), peaking with an impressive range distance of up to 353kms on a single charge, operating with the higher powered (150kW) low energy motor. The vehicle comes with three battery options from which to choose – 51.5kWh, 72kWh and 88.55 kWh (LH) with various battery cooling methods which reduce charging time (DC 45mins (5%-80%), as well as extending battery life and increases the operating range. In the conventional AC mode, it takes 5 hours to charge up.

The new model tested has an optional 4,050kgs payload and with a 203PS/350Nm electric motor, it packed a lot of punch – without any harmful exhaust emissions. The high level of quality permeated all-round the vehicle, from its strength, solidness and use of premium materials in its interior design. Unlike the EV80, the dash display in front of the driver, which is easier on the eyelines. Heretofore, the main displays were centered in a console in the middle of the dash area and to the left of the driver.

Innovative and future-focused, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) is the name behind MAXUS and is the largest automotive company in China.  Based in Shanghai, SAIC produces almost seven million vehicles each year for both domestic and international markets and is a Fortune Global 500 listed company of almost 100,000 employees.  SAIC has several well-known car and commercial brands within its portfolio including the LDV MAXUS range of LCVs and MG cars, which has just been relaunched in Ireland with its electric range. MAXUS is now a brand in its own right, with SAIC investing more than €2billion on the redevelopment of a Light Commercial range based on quality, safety, innovation and reliability.

eDELIVER 9 arrives with a complete new platform, and everything about this van is of superior quality and showcases what MAXUS is now all about.

Prices for the eDELIVER 9 start from €68,510 ex. VAT with the approval of a Government electric vehicle grant, making it one of the best value large size all-electric vans on the market.  

Experts estimate that there will be 140 million electric vehicles on the road globally by the end of the decade as a direct result of Governments signing the 2030 Paris Climate Agreement.

This means that in the next ten years, combustion engines will be phased out and everyone – businesses included – will have to think practically and seriously about greener transport options. The eDELIVER 9 is a serious contender and offers among the best value out there for businesses looking to make the switch to emission-free deliveries. 

Dimensions: Load compartment;

The width of the compartment is 2062mm.

Dimensions (mm):    5546×2062×2525 MedHigh

5940×2062×2525 LowHigh

Cargo volume:     11.0 cubic metres (Long wheelbase)

9.7 cubic metres (Medium wheelbase)