First Volvo 9700 Double-Deck Coaches delivered to Scotland – Deliveries to Ireland next Spring


    In a first for the UK and Irish markets, 16 Volvo 9700 double-deck coaches have been delivered into service in Scotland, to operate Megabus and Scottish Citylink services. Over the next few months, 27 more of the new models will be delivered into operation in the country. Some Irish Operators will receive their deliveries next Spring.

    The new vehicles are the first of an order for 43 Volvo B13R 9700 double-decks on order for Stagecoach, part-owner of Scottish Citylink Coaches. Seven of these will join Scottish Citylink’s Megabus fleet in Cumbernauld, carrying passengers on the M11 and M20 route between Glasgow, Edinburgh, and London. Nine more have been delivered to depots in Cumbernauld and Perth, carrying passengers between Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.

    Scottish Citylink Managing Director, Simone Walsh says: “The introduction of these new Volvo B13R 9700 double-deck coaches into Scotland is a significant investment in our fleet. We are operating services covering thousands of miles across varied terrain and in unpredictable weather conditions every day; this increased capacity will improve efficiencies across the business while improving our passenger experience.”

    First launched across Europe in 2020, each of the Volvo B13R 9700 double-deck coaches is 14.8m long and features an integral body, built by Finnish coachbuilder Carrus Delta. Some Irish Operators have coaches ordered and delivery is expected in the spring of 2025. All of the Scottish coaches have been Equipped with the fuel-efficient Euro 6 Volvo D13K engine, delivering up to 500hp, the coach effortlessly tackles steep climbs while minimising its environmental impact for passengers and the local areas it operates in. The well-balanced chassis benefits from a range of intelligent features to offer unmatched safety and efficiency, including the Electronic Braking System (EBS), CMS Camera system, Collision Warning with Emergency Brake, Brake Blending, Acceleration Slip Regulation, and Electronic Stability Control.

    The new double-decks joining Megabus can carry up to 81 passengers on Volvo’s coach line seats and 1 wheelchair user, providing maximum passenger comfort. The internal luggage racks have a capacity of up to 3m3 and the separate luggage compartment can carry up to 8m3. For convenience and entertainment, it includes a Bosch audio/video system with separate radio and DVD. Drivers can expect a spacious work area with a USB port, monitor and microphones, alongside safety features including Knee Impact Protection, Lane Keeping Support and Driver Alert System.