Fleet Bus & Coach Bus Lane Ezine No. 2


    Welcome to the second edition of the Fleet Bus & Coach Bus Lane eZine, the regular update on what’s happening in the passenger transport industry, at home and abroad. As we come towards the end of an unforgettable year, there really is only one story – Covid-19. In the last few days there have been some positive developments, with a least two new vaccines on the way soon. So, can we rely on the Government and its Agencies to make this happen as fast as possible, in distribution terms?

    We have had a lot of well-intentioned empathy from the Government, its bodies, and indeed NPHET. Whatever we perceived  as failings of the State and its Agencies in the past, is now history. Now, we need immediate action. Empathy will not pay for buses or fill seats. As a project, contact tracing was ineffective, it should have been sub-contracted to the private sector. We hope the same mistake is not made when it comes to distributing vaccines. As we know, the road transport industry that is capable of getting cheese to every shop shelf overnight, so there is no need for the media to present this supply chain provision as a problem. It is more simplistic than complicated. Bus and coach operators need the vaccine distributed like a drowning man needs oxygen, time wasted can be fatal. Less talk and more action is required.

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    Sean Murtagh