Fleet Bus & Coach Future Fuels Survey for PSV industry


Fleet Bus & Coach is undertaking an industry wide survey on the future of Alternative fuels in the passenger transport industry. In order to get a broad picture on the trends, interest and potential of the various fuel and energy options currently available and soon to be supplied for the sector, we would appreciate your time in completing the survey. 

While the short to mid-term future of the Bus & Coach sector still looks a little uncertain, the roll out of vaccines is a sign of hope. Last year, Fleet Bus & Coach obtained opinions on where the industry going, this time we are seeking your opinions on alternative fuels for buses and coaches.

A copy of the article compiled from last year’s questionnaire is available to view here.

Again, we plan to present a reasonable and balanced view of the various opinions voiced.

The main question is: How will buses and coaches  be powered in the future – Diesel-electric hybird, Natural Gas, Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell?

Recent years have seen significant development in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint within the passenger transport industry by manufacturers and operators. Already, there are differing opinions on the best way forward with the engine or power types that are likely to be most effective. So, this survey is important.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below and indicate if the answers can be credited to you or if you would prefer not to have your name associated with the response. We are happy to receive short answers, if you wish to keep it brief.

  1. If you were to make a reasonable prediction, which power source do you think will prevail in 2030 for city buses?
  2. Is the passenger transport industry doing enough to improve the environment?
  3. Do you think the industry gets enough credit for what it has done so far?
  4. Is there any future for diesel alone as a power source?
  5. Would you have an opinion on the most likely way long distance coaches will be powered in twenty years’ time?
  6. Do you have a full understanding of the alternative fuel options available and currently coming on stream?

 Please submit your answers to sean@fleet.ie

Thanking you in advance, Fleet Bus & Coach.