Ford Otosan introduces its new venture offering light mobility solutions: “Rakun”


As an innovative brand that pays attention to customers’ needs in the current landscape of rapidly rising e-commerce and mobility trends, Ford Otosan has just introduced Rakun Pro2 and Pro3, two electric motorcycles that combine the company’s experience and know-how in electric and commercial vehicle production with its innovation capabilities. 

Ford Otosan, Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, introduced its new venture, Rakun Mobilite Teknoloji ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Rakun Mobility Technology and Trade Inc.), incorporated to serve companies that seek innovative, light mobility solutions with different business models.

At a special event at Kocaeli, attended by Fleet Transport in Turkey,  Haydar Yenigün, General Manager at Ford Otosan, noted that many industries currently go through major transformations as the rules of the game are rewritten: “Inspired by our customers and driven by our electric and commercial vehicle production experience and know-how, we imagined building 2-wheel or 3-wheel electric motorcycles for last mile delivery services. This is how Rakun was born. We now elevate our mobility-focused activities to a new level by combining them with our product development, innovation, and production capabilities. Together with Rakun Mobilite, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Otosan, we will develop innovative products and technologies to respond to our clients’ mobility needs.”

“We can’t wait to introduce all-electric Rakun Pro 2 and Pro 3 to our clients”

Eren Atlı, General Manager at Rakun Mobilite A.Ş., emphasized that the e-commerce industry has entered a brand new era due to technological advancements as well as the developments brought about by the pandemic: “With Rakun Pro 2 and Pro 3, businesses will be able to deliver their orders by reliable, durable, and most importantly, all-electric – therefore silent and ecofriendly – vehicles. Initially, we will offer these models to our corporate clients with purchasing and leasing options. We have plans to make Pro2 and Pro3 available for end-users over time. On the other hand, ensuring that their vehicles can be operated seamlessly and that they have immediate access to after-sales services a key priority for last-mile delivery businesses. Therefore, after-sales services will be another focus area for us. We will partner with select Ford passenger car and commercial vehicle after-sales service centers and also provide on-site service with a mobile vehicle. We can’t wait to introduce the all-electric Rakun Pro2 and Pro3 to our clients.”

Rakun Pro 2 and Pro 3 will confidently climb Istanbul’s steep hills

Uphill climb capability was a critical priority in the design process of Rakun Pro2 and Pro3, developed by considering that uphill climbs could be a significant challenge, especially for electric motorcycle. With an innovative and superior electric motor technology, power is transferred to the wheels with precision, allowing the electric motorcycle to navigate the streets and especially the steep hills of Istanbul confidently. With a higher payload, the 3-wheel Pro3 utilizes the independent suspensions in the rear two wheels to deliver good maneuverability like normal 2-wheel motorcycles in corners.

Pro2 and Pro3 come with a 5KW battery, which can be easily and conveniently by plugging the cable into the mains socket.

Rakun Mobilite Teknoloji ve Ticaret A.Ş. will be in charge of managing the sales, marketing, and after-sales operations of Rakun Pro2 and Rakun Pro3, developed by Turkish engineers and manufactured at the Ford Otosan Eskişehir Plant.