Ford Trucks add innovative new products, features and technologies


*Introducing 250-unit Limited Edition F-MAX Blackline

Building on more than half-century of experience and innovative product development in the field of heavy trucks, Ford Trucks is kicking off 2021 with two new product lines, updated services and technologies throughout its current product range.

The F-MAX family, now includes two new variants, F-MAX Blackline and F-MAX L, including new specifications and features, bringing connected mobility technologies to Ford Trucks customers. The company is introducing remote-control features with its ConnecTruck technology, offering more convenience and greater efficiency.

The F-MAX Blackline, an exclusive variant of the international ITOY award-winning F-MAX, will be produced as a limited edition. Each vehicle will feature a special serial number and the Blackline Series emblem on its door. Only 250 units will be produced for this limited edition, which will be available in a special ‘moondust’ silver exterior colour, with blue and black stripes that accentuate the vehicle’s style, as well as black LED headlamps, black wheels, and black mirror caps. The F-MAX Blackline features a high-end interior design, with seats trimmed in black with blue stripes and stitch details, in addition to blue highlights and stitch details on the leather steering wheel and spacious overhead storage areas. The F-MAX Blackline’s front console as well as bed and under-bed storage areas also feature distinctive black design details.

Ford Trucks is transforming its vehicles into data-driven, connected mobility products, equipped with next-generation technologies that benefit customers. The new technologies include features such as GPS-based cruise control and multimedia system that make life easier for drivers and fleet managers. The new remote-control features also enable users of the My Ford Trucks app to control their vehicles remotely, giving drivers an even higher level of comfort.

Ford Trucks aims to exceed its customers’ expectations with the new F-MAX L, featuring a longer wheelbase and a range of up to 5,000 kilometres on a single tank. The F-MAX L’s 1350-litre fuel tank is 300 litres larger than the standard F-MAX tank, offering significant transportation advantages in combination with the truck’s expanded 3750 mm wheelbase. Customers can also choose a 1050-litre tank option by simply selecting a longer wheelbase.

As fuel consumption and total cost of ownership are the most important criteria in the heavy commercial vehicle sector, Ford Trucks introduced “Eco+ Mode”, allowing drivers to increase fuel efficiency by up to 5%. Starting in 2021, Eco+ Mode will be a standard feature in all F-MAX models.