Ford Trucks New F-LINE Series Offers Design Technology & Safety 


Ford Trucks introduces the F-LINE, a new series that offers a comfortable driving experience with its new design, connectivity technology, and advanced safety features. 

Created with a modern design in three segments – national distribution road trucks, construction trucks, and municipal trucks – the new series offers customers efficiency and maximum uptime with connected vehicle technology as well as high performance.

Ford Trucks, the global brand of the heavy commercial vehicle industry, jointly owned by Ford Motor Company and the Koç Group’s Ford Otosan unveiled its new F-LINE series at a launch event in Antalya, Türkiye, attended by Fleet Transport. Designed and developed in-house by Ford Trucks, the F-LINE series captures attention with its connected vehicle technologies, advanced safety features as well as comfort and modern design.

Inspired by the themed vision of ‘Sharing the Load’, Ford Trucks designed the F-LINE series based on analyzing market demand and customer requirements. Focused on delivering efficiency, satisfaction, and reliability at every level of the customer experience, the series enables the company to serve a wider spectrum of customers in the heavy commercial vehicle industry with its innovation and versatility.

At the launch event, Emrah Duman, Ford Trucks Leader, emphasized that they offer innovations with their products and services with the vision of ‘creating value with the most efficient transportation solutions.’ He said: “Our success in Türkiye and all other international markets grows year after year. We will continue to propel our brand forward by innovating in our product portfolio and the technologies we offer. With the new F-LINE series, which was built in response to consumer feedback, we offer innovations that increase both comfort and vehicle performance. We provide our customers a more comfortable driving experience with connected vehicle technology and enhanced safety technologies. As Ford Trucks, we will continue to create efficiency and offer performance and cutting-edge technologies to our customers.”

With ConnecTruck, which is also offered in the F-LINE series, customers can connect to their vehicles at any time via the web portal or from their mobile phones. By monitoring their vehicles on the map, they can receive quick live vehicle data and previous vehicle usage records. It provides efficiency solutions that will boost vehicle uptime to 100% and assure optimum performance, such as remote diagnostics and software updates, thanks to connected vehicle technologies. The status of Ford Trucks vehicles is monitored remotely in real-time. With this technology, Ford Trucks remotely monitors vehicle data instantly and aims to increase operation times by intervening with predictive remote diagnostics algorithms before vehicles are left on the road.

The cabin and exterior design of the F-LINE series, inspired by the F-MAX, were developed to enhance ergonomics, comfort, and efficiency.

The interior design emphasizes optimum comfort and quality, while the exterior design provides a stylish, dynamic, and striking appearance. The 9-inch multimedia display that allows drivers to manage many functions inside the vehicle, renewed seat materials, new steering wheel, and control buttons enhance driving comfort. The renewed grille, bumper, headlights, fenders, door, and mirror trims combine power and style, while also boosting ergonomics by making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle with the renewed design.


The F-LINE series also represents the ultimate driving pleasure, powered by safety technologies. The Blind Spot Information System, Reversing Camera, Traffic Sign Recognition System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Emergency Stop Signal, and Alcohol Interlock Preparation ensure a safe journey on every road.

Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Automatic High Beam Assist, and Lane Departure Warning System provide a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for drivers.

Ford Trucks is committed to ensuring that its product portfolio will consist entirely of zero-emission vehicles by 2040. In line with this goal, the company is following the transformation roadmap it launched with zero-emission, connected, and autonomous technologies in heavy commercial vehicles under the name ‘Generation F’.