ForFleets launches new website: decades of experience in one place


For over three decades, ForFleets has been at the forefront of motor industry data systems in Ireland and the UK. Its new website – – encompasses a smooth, easy-flowing layout making it easy to find what is needed – just like the ForFleets systems itself!

ForFleets is all about ease of use, efficiency and simplifying the processes. And that’s just how this new website is built – a one-stop-shop for all Fleet maintenance queries and needs.

Alan Maher, Business Development Manager, ForFleets, explains: ​”We’re delighted to be launching our new ForFleets website; we hope you will find it useful in navigating the benefits of our ForFleets system or just simply book a Free demo. A big thanks to our Marketing team for getting it across the line during lockdown!”.

For customers new and old alike, the ForFleets website promises to be innovative and informative. We’ve included plenty of insightful information, including helpful resources covering everything from how to reduce your Fleet Management expenses, tips for Service Managers, Fleet Maintenance insights, and more. All the information you could need is now at your fingertips.

Exceptional customer support has always been a core component of ForFleets strategy – our new website embraces this to the max. The new ForFleets website aims to be a touchpoint for new users who find their existing fleet maintenance system challenging – we’ve included a new chat feature to make it that bit easier to get in touch with us.

ABOUT FORFLEETS: With offices in Cork, Dublin, Lisburn and London, ForFleets has been a trusted name in the motor industry for over thirty years. ForFleets has worked with fleets of all types and sizes – including mission-critical fleets such as Ireland’s Emergency Services.