From 2021, all new Coaches will need to be fitted with fire suppression systems


Stringent regulation will be introduced to have fire suppression systems fitted to the engine area of all buses and coaches from 2021. In a study carried out in the Nordic countries it was found that on average there were 49 engine fires per year in Norway and 122 occurred in Sweden. While none of these fires were serious in terms of fatalities or injuries, the potential for a catastrophic incident is high.

In 2005, a coach fire coach fire in Poland claimed the lives of 13 people. Almost all fires can be traced back to the engine area and with the enclosed nature of engines in the rear of most coaches now, the chances are that a fire can be well on its way before it is noticed. While there is no regulation to have systems retrofitted, they are available and can be fitted if an operator decides to.

One Irish company, KSS, has formed partnerships with some manufacturers. KSS can supply, install and maintain theses suppression systems. For those interested this is the particular regulation, please note: European UNECE Regulation 107 states that by 2021, all new buses and coaches in Europe with 22 seats or more in Class I, II, III must have fire suppression installed. As of September 1st, 2020, it is mandatory to install fire suppression systems to new vehicle types of single-deck, double-deck, rigid or articulated vehicles of category M2 or M3.