FTA Ireland welcomes announcement of EU-UK Trade Deal


“The announcement of a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and UK is welcome news for the Irish logistics industry as it provides businesses with much-needed certainty. While there will be no quotas and tariffs on goods, changes are coming on 1 January 2020 and all in the freight distribution and logistics sector must continue to prepare for these new trading requirements to support smooth trade flows,” stated Aidan Flynn, General Manager, Freight Transport Association Ireland.

“The new administrative burdens will make transiting through Great Britain more onerous for Irish hauliers and as we have seen in recent days with limited space at ports, any delays will cause serious congestion for hauliers.  The landbridge also brings additional traffic congestion uncertainties not covered in the agreement. A deal is so important for a stable relationship between the two blocks, As EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen said, ‘it was worth fighting for this deal, we now have a fair and balanced agreement with the UK’. The devil will be in the detail!

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