FTAI launches Managers Guide to Distribution Costs – Virtually on 8 October


The freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) Managers Guide to Distribution Costs 2020 will be published on Thursday 8 October.  Register now at  https://www.ftai.ie/fta-irelands-managers-guide-to-distribution-costs-2020-webinar 

This report serves as the must-read report for those in the freight distribution and logistics sector. Aidan Flynn, General Manager, FTAI outlines more details

It’s official! The whole country is joining Dublin and Donegal at Level 3 of the COVID-19 restrictions for the next 3 weeks at least! It is concerning for everyone that we are seeing the numbers of infections increase but it is worth bearing in mind that we know a lot more now than we did at the start of the crisis in February. As was said then many times ‘it is in our hands’ on how we fight COVID-19. We must do it in unison, and we must understand that there needs to be a balanced approach taken ensuring the health and safety of each of us at the same time protecting the economy and business viability that so many are reliant on.

There is more motivation now, if it is indeed needed, to re-double our efforts, to limit our movements and social interactions, practice good hand hygiene and cough etiquette and wear a face mask. If we don’t the consequences will make the dark winter months very difficult. To combat the ongoing uncertainty that remains a real concern due to the threat of increased Government restrictions at Level 4 and Level 5 means that, as businesses, we need to fine tune our contingency planning, train and educate our staff on safe practices and continue to manage our cashflow efficiently.

The second edition of the report is a vital reference for all managers operating commercial fleets and for companies contracting third part haulage services as it affords the opportunity for operators to benchmark their costs against industry averages.

The launch of the report will be via a webinar and one can book their place here;  https://www.ftai.ie/fta-irelands-managers-guide-to-distribution-costs-2020-webinar . The Minister of State for Transport Hildegarde Naughton TD., will provide the introduction to the report and will be followed by presentations from partners in the project by Andrew O’Leary KPMG on the importance of managing cashflow; Patrick Sweeney, ENPROVA on sustainable transport and importance of fuel management; Joanne Mellon, BWG (a recent recipient of the Fleet Transport #StrengthInUnity Transport Heroes Award) on an operators perspective managing costs.