FTAI Ratification of Withdrawal Agreement


The Freight Transport Association (FTAI) welcomes the recent announcement that the European Parliament has approved the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) agreed between the EU and the UK in December 2020.

While the agreement has been implemented in the EU on a provisional basis since the 1 of January 2021, its ratification provides much-needed certainty to industry and traders.

Commenting on the issue, Aidan Flynn, General Manager of FTAI said: “The postponement in ratifying the trade agreement at EU level has delayed the establishment of specialised committees whose purpose will be to enhance the mutual partnership and agree on easements for trade, to the benefit of all parties. FTAI is now calling for these committees to be quickly established so they can work to address the current difficulties faced by Irish businesses importing and exporting to and from Great Britain.”

“The scale of the administrative burden across logistics sector as businesses adapt to the post-Brexit trading environment has been unprecedented and the issues are compounded by the lack of expert customs agents to support the new regulatory requirements. The extension of various grace periods by the UK – such as the exemption of Health Certificates for products of plant and animal origin – are set to expire within the next year. And while the supply chain is resilient, FTAI advises its members to increase their preparations and understanding of the new requirements and to develop procedures to ensure that goods will continue to move seamlessly. FTAI is also calling for political leadership from all sides to develop the vital partnerships needed to deliver on what is agreed in the TCA.”