German Government’s truck fleet replacement programme welcomed


A truck scrappage scheme or renewal initiative for trucks announced by the German government has been warmly received by commercial vehicle industry. A trailer upgrade initiative has also been introduced.

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Safety has announced that the German Government will now subsidize the purchase of brand-new trucks with up to €15,000 if they meet the requirements of the current Euro 6 emissions standard and an old truck with Euro 3, 4 or 5 emissions standards is scrapped at the same time. In addition, a subsidy of up to €5,000 will be granted for the purchase of intelligent trailer technology. This includes, for example, systems for tire pressure measurement or digital control for semitrailers and trailers, as well as aerodynamic add-on parts.

“The German Government is achieving several positive effects at once by introducing the truck replacement programme. Firstly, both climate and environment benefit: replacing old trucks with current models significantly reduces CO2 emissions, but above all particulate and NOx emissions. A current Euro 6 truck, for example, emits around 80 percent less NOx than Euro 5 models. Secondly, all road users benefit from the higher safety level of modern trucks: In recent years, many new assistance systems have been introduced, such as emergency braking or turn-off assistants, which can save lives. Thirdly, the economy benefits: commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are struggling with a sharp drop in demand due to the Corona crisis. Any kind of market stimulation can be helpful here,” commented MAN Truck & Bus CEO Andreas Tostmann.