‘Golden’ anniversary for Berman as it turns ‘50’


Over the past five decades, Berman S.P.A., has come a long way and is a well-established technical and manufacturing partner of leading automotive brands from sports and high-performance luxury cars (like Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Toyota, etc.), to commercial vehicles such as Iveco.

It all began for company founder Roberto Artioli in the 1970s as a metal components manufacturer for the original local commercial brand OM, which is now part of Iveco.

In the mid-1980s, following successful negotiations with international automotive brands, Berman was able to enter worldwide markets with a full range of special car parts and genuine accessories. Since then, the objective has always been focused on strong engineering and product development, based on a skilled technical team.

Hand-in-hand with strong engineering and due to a constantly evolving automotive market, Berman’s product range has been widened and supported by continuous investments. This led to the establishment of a brand-new plastics division following the takeover of the industrial painting plant Itallak. With a variety of in-house production technologies and customer-tailored logistics, the company headquarters have been comprehensively expanded and now consist of seven buildings, covering a total area of 55.000 sq.m.

Roberto has been joined by family members in recent years and the evolving organisation has been further strengthened by the quality assurance team, a key area for a company specialising in sports and high-performance luxury cars.

With a workforce of 150 people Berman has developed a production system certified according to the main automotive standards and, together  with its highly skilled team, it has an advanced on site laboratory for testing and measuring.

‘Berman, an independent Italian company, is a leading manufacturer and OE supplier of body components and genuine car accessories for some of the main worldwide carmakers.  Both metal and plastic products are made by the Mantova based firm, situated in the Lombardy region’

“We work as a team in compliance with economic and environmental criteria, where customers and employees are the real priority and key to changes and continuous improvements,” explained Roberto. He mentioned that Berman’s R&D Division can support the whole development process of various components, with tailor-made solutions in compliance with customer requirements and to meet their needs. Development activities are managed with a strong synergy between project managers and quality engineers.

Product range in brief: Front Grilles, Steps & Bars, Wings & Skirts, Chrome elements, Aerodynamic sections, Underguards, Hard-tops, Air-deflectors, Interior trims