Goodyear issues second Sustainable Reality Survey 2022     

  • In its second year, the Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey aims to track truck fleet progress towards greener transportation.  
  • The survey will measure the extent sustainability has remained a priority in light of challenging economic conditions. 
  • The Sustainability Reality Survey is open now.  

Goodyear has announced the second year of its Sustainable Reality Survey, building on the results of last year.  

The annual survey asks those working in the transportation industry across Europe about the realities of working towards more sustainable transportation.  

More than 1000 fleets contributed to the results of last year’s survey, and this year is the first opportunity to identify trends and discover if perspectives have changed. Last year’s findings were a fascinating insight into the industry’s response to sustainability, and this year’s survey will build on those results.   

The 2021 survey demonstrated how many fleets are contributing to lowering their carbon footprint with clear corporate social responsibility strategies and goals. The survey found that three out of four fleets recognised carbon footprint as an important issue, and 70% of larger fleets have defined clear green goals to work towards.   

Since last year, the economic environment has shifted significantly. Inflationary pressure has meant an upwards trend in the price of raw materials and energy. Companies have felt the full force of these economic conditions, and the survey will aim to identify the impact that these shifts have had on sustainability goals.  

The 2021 survey results showed how proactive fleet operators are in building a more sustainable future. With greater economic headwinds in 2022 it will be fascinating to see how our industry is meeting the challenge.   

Click here to participate in the 2022 Sustainable Reality Survey. For each survey response, Goodyear will plant a tree with the support of Tree-Nation.