Government Grant scheme will propel the shift to alternatively fuelled heavy duty vehicles – FTAI

Gas Networks Ireland Circle K Cashel

Following pressure from the Irish logistics sector, the Government has this week announced the launch of its €2.9 million Alternatively-Fuelled Heavy Duty Vehicle (AFHDV) Purchase Grant Scheme.

Commenting on the development, Aidan Flynn, General Manager of Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) commented: “The launch of the Government’s Alternatively-Fuelled Heavy Duty Vehicle Purchase Grant Scheme is an important step forwards in the decarbonisation of the Irish logistics sector. Our member operators tell us they are desperate to switch to lower emission HDVs but the prohibitive cost of purchasing these vehicles made it impossible for most; this grant will now make the mass adoption of AFHDVs feasible. Now, to ensure the greatest uptake, the FTAI is urging the Government to ensure the application process is simple and grants are easy to access. Our members are also calling for the Government to commit to installing the required refuelling infrastructure across the nation; currently, there are only two publicly available compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling sites open to date nationwide. And, with many HDVs operated under leasing agreements, the grant must be made available to this group to prevent any delay to the sector’s complete transition to AFHDVs.”