Green shaded Government gets enthusiastic welcome


As the newly established Government takes up office, most transport operators are happy to go greener and embrace the need to work on and reduce their impact on the environment. However, truck and bus operators will not accept being made the conscience or the cost bearer of climate damage to the country

In the next few months the Government will start to put flesh on the bones of their Programme for the next few years. Like all plans it looks fine on paper, let’s see how it works in practice. The backdrop is stark, an economy trying to get back on its feet after the COVID-19 crisis, which will immediately face into an uncertain Brexit. So any changes in regulations that bring cost on a sector that is going to be challenged will need to be carefully thought through. A good starting point for the new Transport Minister, Eamon Ryan, will be to remember that any cost or taxes should be implemented on transport, not on the transport industry. All the signs are positive so far, let’s hope this continues and the relationship remains that way.