HAZEL Webinar #4 – Hydrogen Application and Use


The fourth webinar in the GenComm hosted HAZEL Autumn webinars which takes place on Tuesday November 3 at 10:00 GMT.  is titled: ‘Hydrogen Application and use’.

The  HAZEL – ‘Green Hydrogen enAbled Zero Emissions suppLy  chain webinar series addresses the entire supply chain of Green H2 including production, sustainability, safety, application, innovation and entrepreneurship.

At this upcoming fourth webinar,  Reinhard Tatschl from AVL in Austria will present on ‘Regenerative low-temperature fuel cell’ and Richard Halsey from Energy Systems Catapult in Birmingham, will present on ‘The role of hydrogen in a net zero energy system and potential for hybrid heating solutions in existing homes’, Mark Welsh from Energia will present on the topic of ‘Hydrogen in a net zero energy system’, and Neil Hewitt from the University of Ulster will present on ‘H2 Powered Hybrid Heat Pumps’.

Paul Mc Cormack, GenComm Programme Manager , who will introduce GenComm and HAZEL at the event  said: “Green Hydrogen is a key energy vector that can assist Europe reach climate change targets as it enables massive decarbonization of industry heat, power generation and transport sectors. The GenComm and HAZEL projects are pathfinders on this net zero journey, assisting Europe to navigate its journey to sustainability using Green Hydrogen as the true north on the Net Zero Strategy Compass.  In this our 4th HAZEL webinar our speakers will highlight the potential of Hydrogenewables – Clean, green hydrogen from renewables and how these applications will play a pivotal role in realising the EU’s climate objectives. The speakers will illustrate the possible of Green H2 and detail  why we need a greater integration of renewable energy in our energy matrix. Hydrogen is one of those carriers which has attracted much support from many countries and we want to reassure people of its value and significance in industry, transport and power.” 

Reinhard Tatschl is Research and Technology Manager in the business unit, Advanced Simulation Technologies of AVL List GmbH, the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems, providing complete and integrated development environments, measurement and test systems as well as state-of-the-art simulation methods.

Reinhard graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1988 and received a PhD-degree from Graz University of Technology in 1992. He joined AVL in 1991 as research engineer in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling and simulation. From the year 2000 onward Reinhard was heading the CFD software development team before taking over the current position as Research and Technology Manager in 2012. A major focus of his current activities is on advancing AVL’s simulation methods and tools towards supporting engineering tasks related to various types of fuel cells and electrolysers, batteries and e-machines from concept layout, to detailed component development and optimization to system integration and calibration.

Richard Halsey is a Director at  Energy Systems Catapult established and overseen by Innovate UK to stimulate innovation and transformational change across the energy system. Richard joined the Catapult in 2015, having previously worked for over a decade at White Young Green, Turley and Babcock Engineering specialising in energy system transformation, innovation, planning and sustainable development. He has led a diverse range of projects and programmes in partnership with government, industry and academia Including the Catapult’s delivery of the first phase of the Smart Systems and Heat programme.

A Chartered Energy Manager (Energy Institute) Mark Welsh from Energia has over 40 years’ experience within the Energy Sector; his engineering career has touched on most areas of the Electricity Industry which has given him a very wide knowledge and experience. Commencing in Belfast Power Station his career has included Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE), Metering, Electrical Design & Installation, Terms of Supply, Industrial Sales, Key Account Management, Energy Marketing, Projects and Energy Efficiency.

With this commitment to the energy industry, the environment and society we all live in, Mark is now Energia’s Energy Services Manager responsible for all energy efficiency programmes for Energia in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

The role includes; the setting up and deliver of all online energy efficiency information, renewable development,  funding programmes and products offered by Energy Services, the main aim is to ensure these services deliver real energy savings, bring benefits to the business sector, comply with environmental legislation and compliment Energia’s corporate strategy.

Professor Neil J Hewitt is Ulster University’s Chair in Energy and is Head of School, Belfast School of Architecture and Built Environment as well as Director of the Centre for Sustainable Technologies. He was a visiting Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and is a World Renewable Energy Network “Pioneer”. He has attracted over £20M in external funding including EPSRC, EU and international sources. With over 100 publications ranging from large scale power generation to heat pumps and demand side management, he has graduated 17 PhD students.

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