Health & Safety Authority provides mechanisms for Return to Work


The Health & Safety Authority (HSA) is supporting the process of returning to work for all types of business and has published new guidance this week in the form of templates and checklists to assist employers and employees in these efforts in line with the Government return to work protocols, with regular updates on its website –

Regular updates on:

The HSA has published checklists and templates to help businesses get up and running again and to inform workers about what they need to do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace

tps:// 19/return_to_work_safely_templates_and_checklists/return_to_work_safely_templates_and_checklists.html

These documents have been drafted based on the Government’s ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’ and should be read in conjunction with the Return to Work Safety Protocol.

Employers and employees must work together to keep workplaces safe. These checklists will help to do that.