Hear from leading fleet and sustainability specialists on the realities of electrifying your fleet at EV Summit

As fleet decarbonisation continues to gain momentum, the 9th Annual Electric Vehicle Summit & Expo is being held on the 7th November in the Shelbourne Hall at the RDS, Dublin, bringing a renewed focus on the pivotal transition to electric fleets.

This year has introduced a new dedicated stage focused on the transition to electric fleet and attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to hear from fleet and sustainability specialists who have embarked on the electrification journey and are eager to share their insights.

Conference Director, Laura Dunlop said: ‘Over the past 9 years as the Summit has evolved with the maturity of the EV market, we’ve witnessed a soaring demand for knowledge and insights regarding fleet electrification. As businesses navigate the complexities and seize the opportunities it presents, our summit is committed to outlining the choices available today, spotlighting potential challenges and triumphs organisations are experiencing on their electrification journey. We aim to equip fleet, transport, and sustainability managers with the insights needed to make informed business decisions in their pursuit of electrification.”

Key speakers can be viewed HERE.

As partners of the Summit, Fleet.ie readers can get access to an €100 discount off tickets using the code FleetEV23 at the checkout to attend this essential event. Join the 9th Annual Vehicle Summit & Expo to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving electric mobility landscape.