HMT Group orders 10 new Dennison Extendable Trombone Platform trailers


As a longstanding client of Dennison Trailers, the HMT Group has committed to 10 new Extendable Trombone Platforms for delivery in 2020.

Dennison extendable trailers, or trombones, are a vital piece of equipment in the construction and transport industry. The ability to accept long loads that would not fit on to a standard platform trailer make this trailer design a true workhorse that needs to be as rugged as any other piece of construction machinery.

Dennison’s extendable trailers are capable of lengthening up to 21.25 metres (70ft) and are available with a number of options including straight frame or drop frame versions.

Commenting on securing the deal James Dennison said: “We are delighted that our long-standing customer has committed to 10 new trailers for 2020. HMT Group shares a lot of values with us here at Dennison Trailers, including their family own heritage and principles of partnership.”

Located in Warrenpoint, Dublin, Heysham & Preston the HMT Group is a specialist in the transport, distribution, and warehousing sector of the supply chain with over 30 years of dedication to developing services and evolving with customers to meet the ever-changing landscape of the industry. The family-owned heritage of the group, ensures that the principles of the partnership remain a cornerstone of the business structure.