Hydrogen Enabled Zero Emission Supply Chain Webinars Series


This Autumn GenComm is hosting a series of five hydrogen based webinars, all centred on the innovative work Belfast Met and its partners are delivering in the HAZEL portfolio of projects addressing the production, sustainability, safety, application, innovation and entrepreneurship within the value chain of hydrogen.

Following the successful GenComms  webinar held on 1 July last, entitled, ‘Hydrogen getting the green light -Driving Europe’s green recovery’, these upcoming webinars are timed to coincide with the launch of the European Union Green Deal and are designed to inform, assist and direct. The webinars represent the vision of the Belfast Met GenComm team and are a bold statement of intent stressing the importance of hydrogen as an energy solution in reducing the carbon footprint of industry, transport and heat networks across Europe. The work within GenComm and HAZEL is closely aligned with the aims and objectives of the EU, its Green Deal driving growth and recovery post COVID.

The opening webinar being held on Tuesday 22 September is being hosted by GenComm partner IZES and is titled, Industrial Sector-Coupling using a Connected eH2 cycle. The speakers will be from the leading German companies BOSCH, IZES, the Federal State Ministry in Saarland, Germany and DCU (Dublin City University).

Sector coupling in renewable energy involves establishing links and increased integration of energy end-use with new renewable supply sectors. Through the GenComm project using Hydrogen as an energy vector we are able to couple energy users with new supply opportunities in wind, solar and bio. This establishment of new energy links improves the efficiency and flexibility of the energy system as well as its reliability and adequacy. Importantly sector coupling improves green energy optimisation and reduces the costs of decarbonisation.

Looking forward to Webinar One, Paul McCormack, Gencomm Programme Manager said: “With our Decision Support Tool and Community Hydrogen Forum Gencomm as a project is very much in the greater Green Deal debate and on the European green hydrogen agenda. The EU climate targets are set and the particular climate protection goals of the German Federal government are ambitious. Green House Gas emissions have to be reduced by 95% by 2050. We are delighted that Nicola Sacca from the Saarland Ministry will be speaking at our webinar on 22 September. Our project explores the technical and commercial possiblities for hydrogen across Europe which is why we also look forward to hearing the thoughts of Dr. Frank Kruchten from BOSCH. The German engineering and technology giant fully acknowledge the importance of hydrogen to industry in 2020 and beyond. This is a rare opportunity to hear the thoughts of key players and industry leaders in the hydrogen debate.”

Agenda-Webinar One, September 22, 2020

10.00 – Introduction, Paul McCormack, Innovation Manager, Belfast Metropolitan College

10.05 – ’Hydrogen Model Region-Federal State of Saarland’ by Nicola Sacca, Federal State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment, Energy &Transport, Saarland, Germany

10.15 – ’GenComm Solar Powered Hydrogen Refuelling Station’ by Dr. Bodo Groz, IZES gGmbH, Germany

10.25 –  ‘Industrial Sector Coupling using a Conneceted eH2 cycle’- Dr. Frank Kruchten, Robert BOSCH GmbH, Germany

10.40 – ‘Hydrogen Scale Up, Where, When & How’ by Dr. James Carton, Chair of Hydrogen Ireland & Assistant Professor of Energy Sustainability & Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Department, Dublin City University

10.50 – Q & A session. Conclusion

Webinar #2 will be held on Tuesday 6 October and is titled, H2 Sustainability H2 DXNET-Hydrogen injection into natural gas distribution networks. The speakers will be from Gas Networks Ireland, USAAR and TU Graz.

Webinar #3 is on Tuesday 20 October and is titled, H2 Safety-practical and theoretical analysis of H2 loss through polymeric materials and development of a H2 sensor for the measurement of hydrogen concentrations in air in the ppb range and a theoretical model to describe the 3 dimensional transport in hydrogen. The speakers are from Mecadi, European H2 Association, CN-ITM and University South Wales.

Webinar #4 is on Tuesday 3 November and is titled, H2 Application and usage, Hydrogen in a net zero energy system and H2 powered hybrid heat pumps. The speakers are from Energia, Ulster University, Energy Systems Catapult and AVL.

Webinar #5 is on Tuesday 17 November and is titled, Marketable hydrogen innovations-entrepreneurship of innovation of energy carriers through academia and industry alliances. The speakers are from IECE Macedonia, Belfast Metropolitan College, Pure Energy Centre and NIC.

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