Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell Truck wins Mobility GREEN AWARD at GTF Connect Los Angeles


Hyundai’s XCIENT Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Truck has won the GREEN AWARD in the Mobility category at GTF Connect Los Angeles, hosted in Hollywood, California.

XCIENT Fuel Cell’s innovative technology positions it as an industry leader, providing zero-emission transport solutions. Its advanced fuel cell technology sets a benchmark for the future of sustainable, efficient transportation.

“I am honored to accept the prestigious Mobility category award at the GTF Connect GREEN AWARDS on behalf of our entire XCIENT Fuel Cell truck team,’’ said Jim Park, senior vice president commercial vehicle and hydrogen fuel cell business, Hyundai Motor North America. “The recognition of our XCIENT Fuel Cell reinforces our unwavering commitment to sustainable transportation solutions for both consumer and commercial vehicles. This achievement further underscores Hyundai’s relentless pursuit of innovation and our steadfast dedication to forging a cleaner, more efficient future that benefits us all.”

Hyundai launched the XCIENT Fuel Cell truck as a groundbreaking innovation focused on the commercial shipping sector. The XCIENT Fuel Cell boasts a remarkable emissions-free profile, presenting a sustainable mobility solution aimed at mitigating carbon emissions while effectively addressing global transportation needs. Importantly, the XCIENT Fuel Cell’s durability and fuel efficiency align with the demands of commercial fleet operators. First launched in 2020, XCIENT Fuel Cell has been deployed in five countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Korea, and New Zealand. It is the only heavy-duty fuel cell electric model with a proven record of real-world application and technological reliability.

In May 2023, Hyundai launched the commercialization model of XCIENT Fuel Cell tractor in the States equipped with two 90-kW hydrogen fuel cell systems (total 180 kW power) and a 350-kW e-motor. The tractor’s gross combination weight is a maximum 82,000 lbs., pairing short refueling times with a driving range of over 450 miles per charge — even when fully loaded. XCIENT Fuel Cell implements the world-leading hydrogen fuel cell system offered by HTWO, Hyundai Motor Group’s fuel cell system-based hydrogen business brand. HTWO’s business includes application of Hyundai’s proprietary fuel cell systems for various forms of mobility, such as advanced air mobility, automobiles, vessels, and trains, as well as for stationary power generation.