IEA launches new Certificate in International Trade to support essential upskilling of the sector

  • 8-week Course will introduce practical training in Sustainability skills
  • Certificate accredited by TU Dublin
The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) has launched its Certificate in International Trade including a new module on Sustainability in International Trade. The Certificate will provide practical knowledge and skills training to professionals working or aspiring to work in international trade or supply chain management. The course will equip participants with an overview of international trade regulations and will explore some of the key issues and sustainability challenges facing the industry. Participants will be able to apply the learning directly and swiftly to their business.

Accredited by Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), the course consists of six modules with six interactive training days delivered by expert trainers with decades of experience in international trade, supply chain management and sustainable business. The Certificate in International Trade will also empower participants with the knowledge of how to apply sustainable principles in their roles and inspire them to take action to promote practical steps to lead an agenda underpinned by sustainability in their company and the wider industry.

Course participants will receive an accredited certificate at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications from TU Dublin. The Certificate in International Trade is of interest to exporting and importing companies that wish to increase their knowledge of the evolving rules of international trade. It is also an opportunity for ambitious professionals to upskill or for those seeking employment in the supply chain and trade industries to prepare to enter this workforce.

Commenting on the new programme Simon McKeever, Chief Executive of the Irish Exporters Association, said: “The Certificate in International Trade provides people with the practical skills needed to understand what is required to ensure the swift movement of goods across borders. This course is a key platform for the IEA to inform and educate the international trading community. With this certificate, businesses can also develop a culture of sustainability and climate-conscious thinking at the very core of their work. We are delighted to have partnered with TU Dublin in accrediting this course. I am confident that the course meets the vital needs of the economy in teaching key skills to international trade professionals.”

Dr Roisin Donnelly, Head of the School of Management at TU Dublin, added: “Supply chain disruption looks set to continue with global issues far from being resolved and navigating supply and demand planning in this still uncertain environment remains a key challenge for businesses in 2022 and beyond. This Certificate can help give breathing space to the already stressed international trade sector by providing practical skills and knowledge to professionals working or aspiring to work in international trade or supply chain management and operations.” 

To register for the Certificate in International Trade, please email

The course will take place over 8 weeks from 28th September to 23rd November. This will include 6 full days of lectures every Wednesday